Mike Goldman
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The 3 Disciplines


Execution: The 3 Disciplines That Will Get Your Team Aligned, Productive and Accountable

How many consecutive months have you exceeded your revenue and profit goals? If the answer to that question makes you cringe, you have an execution problem. Execution is about getting things done effectively so that you can convert revenue to profit. A great strategy means nothing without effective, consistent execution. By simply tightening up your execution habits, you can dramatically improve profits while reducing the time it takes for everyone to get their work done. In this session, we will discuss the 3 key execution habits all growth companies must master:

  • Priorities - Which activities will make the biggest difference this year? This quarter?

  • Data/Metrics - What leading and lagging indicators will tell you that you’re making the right progress?

  • Meeting Rhythms - How do you create a continuous loop of communication and alignment throughout the organization?