Mike Goldman
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Core Ideology

 What’s Your Core Ideology?


Do you find yourself needing to micro-manage way more than you know you should? Are you frustrated that no one is taking ownership? Is it getting harder for you to find the right people and hold them accountable?

Core Ideologies are the “almost never changing” foundation of your organization and they include your core purpose and core values.

  • Core Purpose: This is the “why” of the organization, and it’s not just about making a profit. Your core purpose answers the question, “What difference are we making in the world?”.

  • Core Values: This is the “how” of the organization. Core values are a non-negotiable handful of rules your organization lives by every day.

The right core purpose and core values act as a set of guiding principles for the organization. This allows leaders to stop micromanaging and give more freedom to their team.