Mike Goldman
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Right People, Right Execution

Right People, Right Execution


Let’s face it: strategy is sexy. Strategy is fun. Strategy gives us a chance to be creative. In fact, when CEOs are frustrated that they’re not growing fast enough, consistently enough or profitably enough, they tend to focus on their efforts on debating which new strategy will take them where they want to go.

  • Should we modify our business model?

  • Are we playing in the wrong sandbox?

  • Should we focus on new products? New markets? New geographies?

  • Is our value proposition strong enough?

These are all great questions. I work with my clients to answer all of these strategic questions and more.

But here’s the truth about growing your business…

A great strategy with the wrong people and/or undisciplined execution will fail EVERY TIME.

A mediocre strategy with the right people, executing with discipline will blow away your competition.