Mike Goldman
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Strategic Planning

Why Doesn’t Strategic Planning Work?


Traditional strategic planning happens once a year or once every few years. A smart, dedicated team spends a few months analyzing their business, discussing key strategies and setting goals for the organization. Then, the beautiful document they’ve created sits on a shelf and gathers dust. Why is that?

Because 3-5 months after the plan is created, the world has changed, and the plan is out of date. Leaders stop holding each other accountable for the plan - as they should.

So does that mean strategic planning is a waste of time?

No. In fact having a set of strategies and plans that provide focus, clarity and alignment within the organization is more important than ever.

Strategic thinking and long-term planning are important processes in any organization, but things aren’t accomplished in five years or three years or even a year. Things get accomplished in 90-day sprints. Things get accomplished when a sense of urgency and a high level of accountability are combined with a strong, passionate team.